The internet has revolutionised how the world does business. This is undoubtedly the single most amazing feature for any business and perhaps even more so for the small business operator … like a ‘one-woman-band’ graphic designer.

It is a strange knowledge that I have never met a number of my clients and possibly never will. We converse via Skype and share parts of our worlds through emails and social media snippets. And yet, the job gets done – effectively and efficiently. Mine is indeed a business that thrives because of the advantages the internet affords.

As I sit in my tin shed, comfortable in my purpose built studio (thanks to my beautiful father’s remarkable carpentry skills) I can liaise with clients on foreign shores as easily as I can with those in my home town. Being ‘Location Specific’ is no longer an issue. Communication barriers like language and interpretation can be overcome with universal tools like video tutorials and screen capture. The internet is rich with language translators. Voice over protocol technologies enable us to speak cheaply and easily to someone half way around the world… all with the use of a humble computer.

Fifteen years ago, sending an emails was new and exciting but I see I am beginning to take the benefits of this technological age for granted. If my internet slows the sounds emanating from the shed reverberate through the hills surrounding my home. I am lost and angry. What to do, what to do?? This digital era has indeed spoilt me for I must communicate or be damned!

Seriously, I am grateful for being a part of this amazing technology and am blessed with being able to live a full and happy life in a small country town in regional Australia and still be connected on a global level with peoples, and places and potential new clients.