I’m Working on it!

I designed a beautiful brochure for new client ‘Moda Commercial’ – manufacturers of stunning kitchens, bathrooms and wardrobes. I love working with professional photographs, it makes my job so much easier. Happy snaps are all well and good, but when it comes to print media, high resolution, professionally styled photos are a pre-requisite. I can do amazing things with Photoshop, but no one can dispute the value and worth of a good photographer.I love designing outside the box, so when I had the pleasure of designing a wedding invitation, rather than the tried and true ‘dreamy/romantic/blah blah blah’ design, the bride and groom allowed me to do what I wanted. This postcard is the result! No envelopes, just a hand written note to invite family and friends to share the big day.Maverick puts together the monthly ‘Messenger’ newsletter for the local RSL Club. March’s newsletter features a performer who is a personal favourite of mine … Darren Percival (not missing that one!!). Along with all the monthly shenanigans at the Club, including events, tombolas, entertainment & tours, the Messenger is a much-anticipated monthly brochure full of information. A great and regular client!The centenary of the landing of Gallipoli is the perfect time to reflect of our past, our diggers and war. This image is from the same perspective almost a century apart. I simple imposed one on the other. My grandfather, Frederick ‘Mervyn’ Cooper, was on the last boat out of Anzac Cove 100 years ago. We will remember them.Love being a part of the local Business Women’s Network, so I was wrapped when they asked me to design two pull up banners. The brief was: ‘Can you do us a pulI up banner and get two printed… guess we need the website and our logo on it. This is what I came up with ;)

Maverick Moments

To all my 'it'll only take you 5 minutes' clients!! May you take it in the nicest possible way!This is such a cool life lesson and right up the graphic design alley (but in truth, I do not actually advocate bold as a rule!!!) Hope you appreciate the enthusiasm anyway!Have been asking a client to supply portrait images for a project - however, she just kept sending through landscape photos ... and driving me nuts in the process. My frustration must have been apparent because she rang Canon for a quick tutorial on orientation and was so excited to share with me the wonders of the modern camera ... you turn it sideways when shooting portrait. Made my day!!!It’s astounding how people feel the need to fill the space, when in fact it’s the exact opposite when it come to design. Negative space is positive!!! Less is more!!! KIS: Keep it Simple!!! See???It’s my job to make things that are clever, but not necessarily clear, simple and easy so everyone understands. Likewise, I love it when I can convert a simple idea into a very clever concept & design. I really do have the best job in the world. Just sayin’!!If I had a dollar for every time a client has said this to me, I'd be retired by now! Good grief!The old 'negative space is positive space' concept is lost on many clients!!These fabulous little tin candles are too cute - especially branded with my angel! Love them!!Resolution is the bain of any designer's life ... even more so in this technological age. Sure it looks good on the iphone, but print it - forget it!!!


My beautiful grape vine really comes alive in autumn. The colours are rich and vibrant. Simply stunning.This view is from my back door. What a breathtaking vista ... particularly as autumn sets in.I love a hot, strong cup of tea. Coupled with my famous orange cake, a good book on the kindle and a sunny spot on the verandah and life is decidedly perfect.How lovely is this simple corner! An old church pew, scattered dying leaves and peeling paint just adds to the rustic magic.My beautiful back verandah ... there's no place better in the world to enjoy cuppa and a moment of reflection.Sometimes its so damn hard getting out of bed in the morning ... not because I'm tired; not because there's things to do and people to see; but just because my bedroom is a sanctuary and I LOVE it there!!This beautiful china is mostly from my Mum and my Auntie Clarice. I love it. I don't use it as much as I should, but I do often find myself sitting and looking at it and thinking of those special women. The china cabinet was my Mother's 'glory box'... and it now protects all the fine 'glory' of a yesteryear I can only imagine.This photo will not appeal to everyone, but I actually like bugs and this large, lazy fellow stayed on my railing long enough for me to take a few happy snaps and marvel at his lovely, wings and hairy little body. Sometimes you do have to observe long enough before discovering the beauty.My signature perfume is Bvlgari and I have a few variations ...'Omnia' which is has a woody depth for winter and 'Coral' offering a floral kiss for summer. Still love my original Bvlgari best though! I love old furniture. This dresser is a depression piece with recycled wooden produce boxes for the drawers. I love that it doesn't quite shut in places. I love that it's shabby appearance works beautifully with my country kitchen. My mum, on the other hand, keeps asking when I'm going to paint it. Sigh!My Burmese Cat's idea of 'hidden tiger' (or should I say hidden Cougar - as that's his name!!). We often stumble across an unusually large lumpy pile of clothes or blanket with small grunting sounds emanating from them. Too damn cute!!I can only imagine what my father was thinking when he saw his young family in the viewfinder. Sadly, after a massive stroke, he can longer enchant us with tales of his legendary life or memories of precious moments shared. Now it's our turn to tell him. This picture sees us on a beach somewhere ... the place not as important as the people.All mottled and dying and yet still so beautiful. Gotta take your hat off to nature!! This really is a stunning colour palette.Hand-poured by moi into reclaimed crystal, these ruby red candles were especially made for my friend Jacqui for her vintage jewellery shop ... Au Rubis.I love solid (sterling) silver Even when the patina is dulled with golden hues, you just know there's a bright shiny piece waiting to emerge. It's beautiful. Even my teaspoons are solid. Nice to know if times get tough, I could melt them down and sell them to Tiffany!This is one of my favourite pieces of art. I designed it (though the sentiment is not original) and my Dad framed it using old fence posts from my Nan's house. Love the whole history/recycling thing. Anyway ... back to the picture ... I think the life lesson here is just to go with what you've got and make the most of it!I love macro photography. Of course, the iPhone isn't the instrument to use for it, but it's the best I can do right now. Close up, this simple potato vine is exquisite.This is my gorgeous girl, Possum... named for her unusual 'possum' like colouring when she was a pup. She is such an old soul, whose love and faithfulness never wavers. She is genuinely pleased to see me always. Her joy is pure and unconditional. Now that's something we humans could learn a lot from.My spare bedroom is one of the most beautiful in my home. It is sun-drenched for most of the day and it's old lining boards and slanted ceiling give it remarkable character. A great place to hide from the world.Inspiration comes from many sources, and each is a gift you really should be thankful for. This stunning limoge's gentle illumination every night brings me a measure of peace and inspires me to keep shining.All it takes is one orange to make a fruitbowl sing ... a table look alive ... a cake taste delicious ... a mouth become a smile ... and in this case, a photo worth sharing. Great colour and texture (before we even talk about taste) in a humble orange.My home tells a story and every corner is filled with things that make me smile. This corner allows me to shed light, reminisce, and observe beauty. Pretty good corner. This heart was my very first Mother's Day gift 15 years ago. Though my son had nothing to do with it at the time, I like to think that just by wearing it, we are forever linked.Ah ... books! My steady friends. Even though I adore my kindle, nothing compares to the feel, the smell and the pure pleasure of a book in my hands.The last of this year's autumn colour. Mother Nature must have been a graphic artist in a previous life!!Whatever you dream is ... go for it. Life is far too short to not do what makes you happy.They say it's all in the details. I always try to pay attention to the little things... clumps of 3 or 5; angled edges; white space ... design rules from way back.I love greys and weathered hues. You can see them everywhere in and around my home ... even little neglected corners of the yard.A shot of comfort food - fresh, hot, delicious tomato soup - cooling on the bench in my sister's kitchen.I picked up these stunning library drawers on ebay and they are perfect for my office - housing all my bookmarks, cards and the like. When I saw them on Big Bang Theory I had to go in search for a chest of my own.I don't understand how making someone look bad, would ever make you look good. Greatness comes from within, so never let anyone bring you down.Indulge in life's pleasures ... whatever that means to you ... and don't be too hard on yourself. There are always others willing to do that for you!!This amazing photos is not my own work. My son, Jesse, took this shot with a great 'macro' lens attachment for his iPhone. He has taken a few stunners of late, which I will share in the coming days/weeks. The words, of course, are mine ... and no truer words were even written!!!I just love the gnarly, twisted bareness of winter's deciduous plants. Quite breathtaking really.Chin up and smile. It will make you, and those around you, feel so much better!Winter blooms are so pretty and when they drop their petals, the promise of Spring, still somewhere in the future, seems somehow closer.I made this orb lamp (shade) myself ... cut out every piece (there are 30 in all) and spent a lifetime watching an odd Korean man, who didn't speak English, show me how to put it together on YouTube. But the result is lovely and the process was thoroughly satisfying. That's what creating is all about!True friendship is precious ... and very, very rare. I have four people who love me without conditions and am blessed to have such a huge number of true friends.The iPhone lens used blurs and swirls the image. The multicoloured Autumn trees are perfect subjects for this effect. Another great photo from my son.I keep thinking that Autumn's kaleidoscopic richness is behind us for another year, but my grapevine refuses to let go'Tis the season for lots of leaves!!! This photo features some of my favourite dishes inherited when my Aunt died. Long weekends in June signal hot toddies and bonfires. My parents always had a huge fire at the back of their home. A years worth of fallen trees and garden debris meant a huge affair with all the neighbourhood joining in. It was the best time... toasting your front, then spinning to warm your freezing back. Precious memories.This little fruit tree guards my front gate and lends it beautiful colour to Winter. Every fruiting season, two families - one from South America and one from Spain (though both now live in Sydney) come down for the day and pick her fruit. The tree is grown in their countries, but is apparently quite rare here, so it reminds them of home. There's too much fruit for me, I get to share and we have made new friends in the process.Another adorable 'Cougar' image. My boy is a real rough diamond, and is so much like his namesake ... boofy and bold ... but not today...I marvel at the beauty of the Highlands, even in the pre-dawn chill with dew seeping from the landscape. This is a photo of the creek I walk beside each morning where the 'white duck' hangs. I love this walking trail.Posted this on a Monday ... enough said!!I have a bit of a box fetish. Mainly vintage boxes that have a past, but any box will generally tickle my fancy. Here is a 'small' collection of some of my favourites.My offensively pink cutting board finally came into its own when I recently cut up a pink grapefruit to add to my (highly acclaimed) citrus marmalade! The tone-on-tone result looks fabulous!!!We must all face adversity and challenges ... they are the winters of our lives. It's how we handle them that determines our true worth and whether or not the following sprintime will be spectatcular or not!