After graduating with distinction in 1991 from the KvB College of Visual Communications in North Sydney, Australia, I worked in the design industry for a couple of years before creating my second greatest masterpiece … Maverick Creative (my beautiful son, Jesse, being my first).

Maverick simply means ‘unbranded’ or ‘of unorthodox independence’… I believe my design work reflects this, with each project a unique and individual undertaking.

As creative director of my own graphic design studio for over seventeen years, I’m blessed to be one of the very few fortunate enough to adore my job.

From my perspective, the mark of an exceptional graphic designer lies in their ability to see beyond what is there, and create what can be. There is both technique and creativity at work, but the leap from good to great, is in the understanding of the task … who it’s about and who it’s targeting.

I bring some uncommon talents to the table. In my previous lives I have been a journalist (copywriting is a passion); a publishing executive (complete understanding of the industry, including print) an advertising manager (market analysis and targeted campaigning) and a super model (but that’s another story). Merging these skills with my design abilities offer customers confidence and totality in a design firm.

I hope the future sees us sharing some quality time together.