I’ve decided to do a serious of mini posters outlining some of the more frustrating things clients have said to me over the past 20 odd years. I have pulled many a hair out and been brought to the brink of tears at times … but mostly it’s just funny!!

I do appreciate that many of you (clients) won’t actually see the humour or get why it’s a source of frustration. To you I simply say ‘sigh’!! Please do not take offence. A day in the life of maverick would not be complete if I didn’t have to ‘break it down’ once or twice.

I also get that designer jargon can be confusing and while I secretly seethe, I only get cranky with my most trusted and understanding clients (they always forgive)!! Hey … if I can’t be a precious designer, then who can?

I hope you love them. The series images are available in the ‘gallery’ of the website … in the ‘maverick moments’ album.